Professional Business Fraternity
Omicron Phi Chapter | University of Texas - San Antonio

A letter from the Senior Vice President

Dear Prospective Member,

Delta Sigma Pi is the foremost Co-Ed Professional Business Fraternity in the world. The Omicron Phi Chapter at UTSA would like to welcome you to recruitment. This is an exciting time in which we all get to know each other through fun conversation, information sessions and fun events!

When searching for involvement opportunities, take a second to think about what kind of legacy you want to leave behind. Once you join the workforce, think about what you want to remember and cherish when you look back at the contributions and memories you made during your college years.

Delta Sigma Pi gives you the opportunity to contribute to your community, grow into a strong leader, excel in your career, and make connections and lifelong friendships with your Brothers.

Whether you pledge as a freshman or an upperclassman, the support system that Delta Sigma Pi offers is phenomenal: professionally, academically and socially.

If invited to pledge after the recruitment process, you will begin an eight-week pledge program in order to learn about about the fraternity and the requirements to become a Brother. Through this process, you will make your closest friends; your Pledge Brothers. Pledge Delta Sigma Pi, because your letters today will result in becoming a leader tomorrow!

Best of Luck with recruitment. We look forward to meeting you!

Julieta Nelson
Senior Vice President